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1100 Copyright
The Dorman Library recognizes the rights of the holders of copyright and will not knowingly allow violation of the law either by staff or by the public.

The Dormann Library recognizes the rights of patrons to use materials and will inform patrons about the limits which the law places on reproduction and performance of such works.

The Dormann Library shall consider Fair Use Doctrine (Title 17 United States Code, Section 107) or Creative Commons factors when evaluating patron and staff use of materials for the purposes of copyright, including those used for library programs.

Any use of computer printing, photocopying or reproductions that infringes use of copyrighted works is subject to civil remedies and criminal penalties provided by Federal Law. The person using library equipment is liable for any infringement.

The Dorman Library assumes no legal responsibility for enforcement of copyright.

The Dormann Library assumes neither liability nor responsibility for patrons’ actions.

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