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Collection Development

300 Collection Development Approved 11/20/2012 Reviewed 2/20/2018

300.1 Materials Selection
The library sets as its major goals in materials selection:  to inform, enrich and empower all residents of the library’s service district.

The phrase “library materials” as it occurs in this policy has the widest possible meaning.   Included are such materials as books, magazines, movies, audio books, e-books, music and computer software. Ultimate responsibility for materials selection rests with the Director, who operates within the framework of this selection policy adopted by the Library Board.

The library seeks to select those books and other library materials that will inform, entertain, and contribute to the enrichment of mind and spirit. The Library Board subscribes to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read and Freedom to View statements as a basis for selection. The Library Director will select individual books and materials taking into consideration the needs of the community, the state of the collection, the merit of the item, the availability of the library materials in the area, and the amount of money in the budget.

Selection of materials by the Library does not mean endorsement of the contents or views expressed in those materials.  The collection as a whole will be sufficiently diverse to promote no causes, to further no movements, and to endorse no viewpoints.

300.2 Weeding
The Library continually withdraws items from the collection, basing its policy on the elimination of outdated materials, materials no longer of interest or in demand, unneeded duplicates, and worn or mutilated material. Frequency of circulation, community interest, and availability of newer or more valid materials are prime considerations. Items dealing with local history are an exception, as are certain classics and award-winning children’s books. Fiction that was once popular but no longer in demand, and non-fiction books that are no longer useful, are withdrawn from the collection. Withdrawn books are donated to the Book Barn for book sales. Withdrawn books will be marked as such. The proceeds from such sales are used for the benefit of the Library. Books that are not sold will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library Board.

300.3 Donations
The Dormann Library is pleased to accept gifts from the community.  Gifts are gratefully and willingly accepted as long as no restriction is placed upon their use.

Acceptance of books and other library materials will be determined by the library director on the basis of their suitability to the library’s purposes and needs in accordance with the library’s stated materials selection policy.  Items that are not added to the collection (those that are duplicates, outdated, in poor condition, etc.) will be disposed of through the library book sale or other means.  Items that are accepted will be incorporated into the collection.

The library does not accept old magazines, any textbooks or encyclopedias, or Reader’s Digest Condensed Books.  At any given time book donations may be refused on the basis of lack of storage space or shelving.

Monetary gifts will be used for the purpose specified by the donor.  Non-monetary gifts other than books may be accepted but with the understanding that the library is free to use them as needed.  Acceptance of, use of, or disposal of all gift materials will be determined by the library director or designated agent.  The library has the right to sell donated materials or to discard any gifts in poor physical condition (e.g. brittle paper, water or mildew damage, torn and/or missing pages).  Donors may request a tax donation letter from the library; however gift values will not be appraised for income tax purposes.

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