Dormann Library

Serving the Bath Community Since 1869.

Library Staff

Dormann Library Staff

The Dormann Library has a dedicated staff who are here to help patrons meet the ever evolving and expanding need for knowledge and information.  The library provides the opportunity for life-long learning by making resources available to its patrons from local, regional and national sources; from the best-seller list to literature and the arts, to research and data, to hands-on-workshops and cultural events.

Staff Members
Tara Didrence, Acting Library Manager
Kathleen Caudill, Early Literacy Coordinator
Wayne Grimes, Library Clerk
Alicia Hamilton, Library Clerk
Cheryl Harkness, Cafe
Marcia Heintz, Library Clerk
Joyce House, Interlibrary Loan/Processing Clerk
Betty Kretchman, Library Clerk
Pete Langendofer, Buildings and Grounds
Ruth Lysyczyn, Cafe
Bonnie Parmelee, Library Clerk
Tessie Rankin, Café
Shelli Runnels, Building and Grounds
Michael Styker, Library Clerk

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