Dormann Library Staff

The Dormann Library has a dedicated staff who are here to help patrons meet the ever-evolving and expanding need for knowledge and information.  The library provides the opportunity for life-long learning by making resources available to its patrons from local, regional and national sources; from the best-seller list to literature and the arts, research and data to hands-on workshops and cultural events.

Staff Members

Michaelene Ahrens-Schultz, Library Clerk

Karen Andrus, Library Clerk

Sarah Blaisdell, Programming Assistant

Kathleen Caudill, Early Literacy Coordinator

Wayne Grimes, Library Clerk / Café

Alicia Hamilton, Programming Coordinator

Cheryl Harkness, Café Manager / Library Clerk 

Marcia Heintz, Interlibrary Loan/Library Clerk

Joyce House, Processing Clerk

Diane Kilbury, Library Clerk

Betty Kretchman, Circulation Desk Manager / Library Clerk

Pete Langendorfer, Building and Grounds

Jami Long, Programming Assistant

Eleata Mitchell, Library Clerk

LeighAnn Rumsey, Library Director

Shelli Runnels, Building and Grounds

Michael Stryker, Book Nook Manager