Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan                                          2022-2024

Mission Statement

To provide free and equitable access to educational materials and experiences that promote lifelong learning, creativity, and connection in our community.

Vision Statement

The Dormann Library strives to be the safe and welcoming hub of our diverse and thriving community by providing a center for information and discovery through innovative programming, robust collections, and responsive services.

Priorities, Goals, & Actions

Period for development: January 2022 – December 2023

Period of assessment and iteration: 2024

I.             Convene Diverse Groups

Goal: To sustain current internal programming efforts and over time identify targeted groups and methods for expanding services. To provide our robust suite of services to as many people as possible, including those not currently served.


Action Step 1 – Continue and reinstate programming post-pandemic.

Complete by July 2022

Leader: Director/Youth & Family Services Coordinator/Early Literacy Coordinator

  • Programs to be re-instituted/maintained:
    • Adult Crafters
    • Artist of the Month
    • Discovery Kids StoryTime
    • Finger Lakes Community Health
    • Puzzlers
    • Tail Waggin’ Tutors

Action Step 2 –Convene at least three groups not currently served.

Complete by July 2023

Leader: Director/Youth and Services Coordinator

  • Possible programs:
  • Teens
    • “Adulting” Classes
    • Babysitting Certification classes
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Manga Monday 
    • Teen Advisory Board
    • College Prep/Financial Aid workshops
  • Couples
    • Date Nights at the library
    • Date Night babysitting (fundraiser?)
    • Trivia
  • Men
    • Euchre
    • Men’s Nights
  • Homeschoolers
  • Artists
  • Unemployed
    • Workforce

II.           Build Community Involvement/Partnerships

Goal: To expand educational opportunity and improve community.


Action Step 1 – Rebuild outreach services post-pandemic.

Complete by December 2022

Leader: Director/Youth & Family Services Coordinator/Early Literacy Coordinator

  • Programs to be maintained/reinstated/grown:
    • Dairy Festival
    • Family Resource Center
    • HeadStart
    • Jail
    • JSYRC
    • Science and Discovery Center
    • Spirit of Christmas
    • St. Mary’s Day Care
    • Strong Kids – Safe Kids

Action Step 2 – Seek new community partners/Program opportunities.

Complete by December 2023

Leader: Director/Youth & Family Services Coordinator/Early Literacy Coordinator

  • Area for possible expansion:
    • 4-H
    • Bath Historical Society
    • Catholic Charities
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Cornell Cooperative Extension
    • Corning Community College
    • Curtiss Museum/Boating Museum
    • Farmer’s Market
    • Finger Lakes SPCA
    • Haverling art classes
    • New distillery opening in the old Ward’s
    • Nursing Homes
    • Office for the Aging
    • Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes
    • ProAction
    • Pulteney Place
    • Red Cross
    • Snap-Ed (CCE)
    • Steuben County Fair
    • Workforce

Action Step 3 – Develop a plan to collaborate with a community partner at least once per quarter.

Complete by January 2023

Leader: Director/Youth & Family Services Coordinator/Early Literacy Coordinator

III.         Assess Facility Use and Growth

Goal: To use the main library, annex and café in the most efficient and effective way.


Action Step 1 – Establish a yearly routine and monthly checklists for evaluating facility and grounds maintenance.

Complete by March 2022

Leader: Building Committee Chairman (Trustee)

Action Step 2 – Conduct assessments of facility use and suitability with focus on the annex.

Complete by August 2022

Leader: Director/Trustees

Action Step 3 – Move into the annex.

Complete by August 2022

Leader: Director

Action Step 4 – Reassess the café business plan.

Complete by March 2023

Leader: Trustee

  • Volunteer staffed
  • Walk-up window
  • New items: Chat-a-Whyle sticky buns and soup

IV.         Assess Staff Structure

Goal: To assemble and support a well-trained and efficient staff.


Action Step 1 – Research staff structure at libraries of comparable size.

Complete by July 2022

Leader: Director/Trustees

  • Rewrite job descriptions/realign responsibilities.

Action Step 2 – Budget to appropriately compensate staff based on job responsibilities.

Complete by November 2022

Leader: Trustees/Director

Action Step 3 –  Establish a detailed plan to train new staff and cross-train current staff.

Complete by December 2022

Leader: Director

V.          Grow Reliable Group of Volunteers

Goal: To increase the base from which to pull for volunteers who can be involved in programming, fundraising, library projects, and office work, targeting both men and women.


Action Step 1 – Create a Volunteer Handbook, Schedule, Tasks, Recruitment and Training Plan

Complete by July 2022

Leader: Director/Volunteer

Action Step 2 – Recruit Adult and Teen Volunteers

Complete by September 2022

Leader: Director/Friends

  • Possible sources:
    • 4-H
    • Americorps
    • Haverling community service
    • Rotary Interact
    • SCSEP
    • Teen Advisory

Action Step 3 – Establish Friends Group

Complete by July 2023

Leader: Director/Volunteers

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